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Morgan Freeman
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Background Information
Feature Films Finding Dory
Video Games Final Fantasy XV
Voiced by Eugene Levy
Animated by
Inspiration Kim Namblack
Character Information
Species Surgeonfish
Other Names Daddy
Personality funny, caring, sweet, fatherly, protective, encouraging
Appearance black boi
Occupation part-time glucose guardian/oppar
Alignment chaotic evil
Family Jenny (wife)
John Cena (daughter)
Nemo (adopted son)
Friends Lil' Broomstick
Enemies Jungkook, Ninki Minjaj, Shaggy, Carbi D, Nemo, [SPOILER] Jenny
Likes namjoon, boneless pizza, gluten free bread without the gluten
Disikes the undertow, jungkook again
Powers and Abilities he turns 28293892739x mega fucklord saiyan and with every blink he has the power to completely overpower shaggy
Weapons jungkook's arm
Quote "im going WEAST"
"What do we say when we see the undertow? We say "heck, no"!"
―Charlie to young Dory

Morgan Freeman is Dory's oppar daddy, the husband of Jenny and a supporting character in the film Disney's Finding Dory.

Morgan Freeman originally aspired to become a full-time rapper, but his dreams were ultimately destroyed when he accidentally became a surgeonfish after eating rotten chimken nuggets that his enemy- Ninki Minjaj, had prepared for him. He later changed his name to Charlie Chim Chim, winning over the copyrights of his last name after an intense hopscotch battle with one of the lead singers of Bangtan- Jeon Jeongguk. Later, he'd fall in love with another surgeonfish named Jenny, even having a few hundred kids with her. Unfortunately, they all died- except for one, Dory. Jenny died along with his kids, making Dory the last of his surviving family members. Due to this tragedy now embedded into his mind, Morgan Freeman became fiercely protective of his daughter. He's battled many for the safety of his daughter, including: Ninki Minjaj (x69), Jeon Jeongguk, Kim Namblack (Lost), Shaggy and the Scooby Gang, Son Goku and etc.

Once he had confirmed the safety of his daughter after many years of having lost her, he finally decided to resume pursuing his childhood dream of becoming a rapper- but this time, with a twist. During his adventures, he discovered a love for magical lesbian dragon girls, hence his new dream of becoming a magical girl rapper. With newfound confidence, he submitted an application to the Sailor Moon team to join their kin, however, he was immediately rejected for he was a fish. Discouraged, depressed, seething with anger, Morgan Freeman vowed to change the world for the better after facing such discrimination.

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