Fluke and Rudder
Fluke and Rudder Render
Background Information
Feature Films Finding Dory
Video Games
Voiced by Idris Elba and Dominic West
Animated by
Character Information
Species Sea Lions
Other Names
Personality Protective, friendly, laid-back
Friends Each other
Likes Sunning
Disikes Being interrupted while sunning, Gerald
Powers and Abilities
Weapons Flippers
Quote '
"Don't you worry about one thing."

Fluke and Rudder are two male sea lions who are minor characters in the film Disney's Finding Dory. They are voiced by Idris Elba and Dominic West.

Official Bio Edit

"Fluke and Rudder are a pair of lazy sea lions who were rehabilitated at the Marine Life Institute. Marlin and Nemo find them snoozing on a warm—and highly coveted—rock just outside the center. These sea lions really enjoy their down time and would rather not be bothered mid nap—but their bark is far worse than their bite."

Physical Appearance Edit

Fluke is a large, rather plump sea lion who is in his prime. He has sleek, glossy, black hair and brown eyes. He is considerably larger than Rudder.

Rudder is a slim sea lion with brown hair with black touches. He has a thin head and brown eyes. He is much smaller than Fluke.

Trivia Edit

  • Rudder's identity tag reads A1 and Fluke's reads 13. Together, their tags spell A113, which is an Easter Egg.
  • rudder is a male brown smaller sea lion, in real life however brown smaller sea lions are actually female.

Gallery Edit

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