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Mr. Ray
Mr. Ray Render.png
Background Information
Feature Films Finding Nemo
Finding Dory
Video Games
Voiced by Bob Peterson
Animated by
Character Information
Species Eagle Ray
Other Names
Personality Eager, in charge, knowledgable, pleasant, jolly
Appearance large ray, blue skin with white spots, lavender eyes, long tail
Occupation Teacher
Home Great Barrier Reef
Friends Nemo
Likes education, adventure, his students, teaching
Powers and Abilities
Weapons Sting
Quote "Welcome aboard, explorers!"

Mr. Ray is a male eagle ray and a minor character in the film Disney's Finding Dory. He is Nemo's teacher.

Official Bio

"Mr. Ray is the tune-loving teacher from the reef, who takes Nemo's education - and that of his fellow undersea students - very seriously. Nobody enjoys Mr. Ray's class more than Dory, who serves as his cheerful, albeit unnecessary, teacher's assistant during their illuminating field trips."

Physical Appearance

Mr. Ray is a large ray with deep blue skin. White spots fleck his entire back, tail and wings and his underbelly is also white. His eyes are pale lavender.


Mr. Ray is shown to be a jolly character, heartily welcoming his students to class as they arrive. He loves to sing memory-helping ditties about subjects and is friendly toward all of the parents. Despite his easygoing, playful personality, he is shown to be protective of his students, as seen in Finding Nemo when Nemo swims toward a group of divers and alerts them to his presence.


  • Mr. Ray makes two cameos in Toy Story 3.
  • Mr. Ray's voice actor, Bob Peterson, has done numerous other roles for Disney, including Roz from Monsters Inc. and Alpha from Up.


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